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July 2011 Defense Finance & Accounting Service Military Pay Secondary Dependency Guide Table of Contents Section Page 1. Overview 2 2. Secondary Dependents A. Determinations B. Redeterminations C.
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Nice jar six welcome back to this channel so one of the questions that I get here in the channel is the whole you know secondary MO essence you know you especially for military police you're going to the military police and then when you finish that there are other specialties that you could go into it, you know actually investigation military police investigation criminal investigation you know SRT which is got like the SWAT team all those are MOS is additionally to your first MOS and back in 2006 I went to physical security school, and again I'm 10 years ago I'm getting old, but I went through that school that was a 5814 additionally to my 5811 MOS and a lot of guys want to know how you do that specifically this squad because I actually call arts 5816 because all you guys want to do something cool right but here's the deal guys I cannot give you an answer and this answer is kind of complex that's why I decided to make this video and if you're in the Army Air Force whatever and you guys deal with this situation put comments down below because people are looking for information, but I cannot tell you how they pick for those guys, or you know let me take let me take it back being in one of those MOS is it requires you to be in the good in a good place and the right place at the right time there we go that's how I want to say because essentially schools come by allocations every section in the Marine Corps if you could is you could picture this school comes and the game to entire Marine Corps and from there they come down, and they come down into it makes it to a marine so again being in that level where I seem that schools coming in, and we shoot it out to Marines I could kind of have the experience to talk about this, but essentially you got to be at the right place at the right time because your unit have to get to school now when they give that school now you have a hundred Marines that are competing for that school, so you have to be square away you have to be one of the best and I know some schools require to be a corps and things like that, but you know what always look at us a rank below many lances we'll go to corporate school many corporates go to starting schools and many societies go to started schools, and it goes all the way around that's just how it is in the Marine Corps I don't know about the other services, but again you have to be at the right place at the right time to get that school so what is your chances or how can you increase your chances to be able to do those schools and I have to tell you guys this simple be the best you be the best that you can have the best physical fitness test have the best shooting, and you don't have to BES everything I have the best attitude do you jump to the best of your abilities and when those schools come down to your unit you be one of the first ones because again you're a good worker and that uh not only applies to the military that applies to your life you know do the best you can and...
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